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The Scientific Committee
of the International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling
invites researchers to submit abstracts on all aspects of District Heating and
Cooling including the following categories:

A. Urban energy systems, planning and development

How does city planning influence the development of district heating and cooling systems and vice versa? Papers in this section explore district heating and cooling as a driving force for city planning and development including development of large or regional heat networks.

B. Resource efficiency and environmental performance

How can district heating and cooling contribute to an efficient and low carbon energy supply? Papers in this section will consider performance and environmental issues in district heating and cooling, including the integration of renewables, primary energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, combined heat and power and the use of thermal storage.

C. Key elements in District Heating and Cooling systems

What are the new developments in district heating and cooling technology? 
Papers in this section consider steps towards the next generation of district heating and cooling. They focus on improving current district heating and cooling solutions and key elements of the technology: for example piping systems, sub stations and metering techniques. This area includes issues regarding cost reduction, the increase of service life, demand side management and low temperature technologies.

D. Customer relations and market issues

How do customers interact with district energy companies and what is the role of the district energy customers in general? Papers in this area focus on business and infrastructure management and development. A special focus lies on how the challenges for establishing district heating and cooling in an economically viable way can be overcome.

E. Policy and regulation

What policies and regulatory framework can be deployed to assist the establishment and evolution of efficient district heating and cooling networks? How flexible is district heating and cooling to different regulatory environments? What aspects work universally and to what extent do national and regional elements affect the potential of this technology?

F. Open Arena, District Heating and Cooling

What other research can forward the success of district heating and cooling? In line with the broad and multi-disciplinary approach needed to overcome the sector's challenges, the organizers offer the opportunity to submit abstracts that do not fit into the above categories but still bear relevance for a successful future of district heating and cooling.