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Korea District Heating Corp.

The purpose of the foundation of KDHC is effective operations of district energy business which includes active response to climate change agreements, energy conservation and promotion of convenience for public benefit. Since its foundation, KDHC has contributed to Korea’s economic rise through efficient developments in energy and air pollution control and has become a beloved corporation and evolved into the world leader in district heating, by providing district heating.

Based on the “Happy Energy World” business motto, KDHC has established 18 Strategies for a World-best Eco-friendly Energy Source, Maximum Resource Distribution and Innovation. KDHC is about to be one of the leading corporations in eco-friendly energy.

The scope of KDHC continues to expand, starting from its district heating and cooling business and the Community Energy System to new renewable energy and electricity business. Through a strategic business system and new business development, the company is growing into a leading total energy corporation with performance-oriented technology systems.